Saturday, January 5, 2008

Cement Mixer Extraordinaire

My family’s Christmas included a project. At our house in Charlotte we have a little shed behind the house. Kent’s been storing his lawnmower and tools in the shed. But with my upcoming move to Niger, I’ll need a place to store things too. So our project this Christmas was to extend the storage unit to make room for more “family” junk. Kent should get a gold star for putting up with so much junk. :) Anyway, Kent didn’t have too many days to help with the project so I got to get my feet wet with a construction project…really I should say, I got my feet muddy because the backyard was so soggy from all the rain. Anyway, I learned how to make and pour cement. I also helped my Dad with cutting wood and nailing together the frame and installing it. Dad and I made many trips to Home Depot, including one to purchase a door. The door was a little too long for us to close the back of Kent’s truck so we had to leave it open. Well, Dad happened to gun the engine as he tried to make a left. Suddenly, we heard a sound like the backfiring of a car. Yep, you guessed it the door slid out and hit the ground along with a bunch of wood we had purchased. Luckily, the guy behind us didn’t have a lead foot like us and so he didn’t get hit by or run over our door. He was kind enough to get out and help us pick it up and sympathize with us! :) When we got home, Dad and I had to maneuver and manipulate that door until it just fit into the space available. That’s where my part in the project ended as I had to head back to Atlanta. But I hear that things are all finished up and it just needs to be painted.

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  1. Boy, that is a sweet brother of yours. So, he's storing stuff for your mom & dad, too??

    Great story, Beth.


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