Sunday, January 20, 2008

Planning to Pop 100 Balloons? Here Are Some Things To Consider

Thursday was the 100th day of school and for those of you that are long past elementary school, it's become a day to celebrate the number 100. A couple of years ago, I read that someone blew up 100 balloons and let the kids pop them. Now that sounded like fun to me! Unfortunately, that year I didn't have access to cheap balloons because I was in Niger and the year following that I would have been crazy to even consider it with the group of children I had. But this year, well my kids are great and if anyone deserves the fun of popping 100 balloons, they do. So last Tuesday, I blew up 100 balloons....yes, I had enough hot air in me to fill them all up! ;) I carried them all to school in a duvet cover - surprisely, they didn't take up that much space. Well, I never really considered what 100 balloons popping would sound like within the walls of my classroom until I let the kids jump in there and get started. Yikes! It literally sounded like gunfire. I could just imagine someone outside the walls preparing for dismissal hearing it and running up to the front with the news that there was gunfire in my classroom. It made the goody-two-shoes in me REALLY nervous. :) The kids loved it and it was fun to see them having fun but I can honestly say that I was extremely happy when the last balloon was popped! So FYI, if you ever decide to do something like this be prepared and maybe in today's world you should let the front office know what you are doing!

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