Friday, August 8, 2008

In Keeping with Tradition

Tuesday morning at around 2 am my brother and I were busy packing my trunks and washing machine onto his truck. I went in grabbed about six hours of sleep and then hit the road for Sebring, Florida where I would deliver my loads to be shipped on a container to Niger.

In keeping with my friend Amy's tradition, I stopped at the first rest area in Florida to enjoy a cuppa' freshly squeezed Florida Orange Juice. Here's to you Amy, for a mighty fine tradition! (I had great fun setting my camera on self-timer and taking this picture so that I could share the moment with you.)

God provided a beautiful day on Wednesday. No rain in sight which was kind of important because the plastic around my washer ripped right away. I made it to Sebring late on Wednesday night. Thursday morning I had breakfast with some friends who just came from Niamey so it was fun hearing the latest news. We unloaded and I took time to visit a 93 year old SIM retiree that worked with my mom and dad and in Sokoto and is praying for me now. Then it was off to town to buy a mattress and make sure it was delivered to SIM and put on the container. All that complete at 2 pm and I hit the road to return to Charlotte. It rained most of the way back and it didn't matter a lick! God is good!

Anyway, it was a whirlwind trip but I enjoyed the sights along the way. Here are some of them...

entering Daytona Beach

an electric pole in the shape of Mickey's fun is that?

entering Orlando
passing Seaworld

the latest gas saving version of the Mary Kay pink cadillac???

giant pineapples or are they palm trees?


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  2. I'm a little concerned that many of these pics appear to be taken from inside a MOVING VEHICLE!!!! :-)

  3. I'm so proud of you for carrrying on the tradition of stopping for OJ as you enter the state of FLORIDA!!! Good Job!!! I am amazed that you made that trip on your own. What a whirlwind it must have been. So...what adventure is next???

  4. Fresh Orange Juice???....that is cruel my friend!! :)
    Can hardly wait to have on this side of the ocean!!
    We start in the NEW Galmi Day School tomorrow....what fun :)

  5. Beth,
    LIke the new look of your site. Praying for you as you begin your studies in Quebec.

  6. Beth,
    I heard about you when I was at SIMCO in February. I'll be at Galmi when I finally get to Niger . . . so you're in Quebec . . . I'm assuming you've met Debi & Dennis and their girls.

    I'm actually leaving to visit Niger for the first time on Thursday!! Can't wait!! Praying for you as you learn French.


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