Sunday, August 31, 2008

Parole de Vie Bethel

Welcome to Parole de Vie home for a year and where I will be working hard to learn to speak proper French! :)

This is the outside of my new home. I live in a one bedroom apartment on the bottom right.

And now for the inside of my home...the grand tour begins in the living room where you see me relaxing in one of my pink chairs. There are two of them so feel free to drop in on me anytime. I will have a comfortable seat available for you.

Here is a wider view of the living room/dining room area.
This is the kitchen which is quite roomy.

And finally, the bedroom. Don't worry. I also have a bathroom which is not pictured here so there will not be any midnight runs to the outhouse in the middle of winter.


  1. Thanks for posting! Your kitchen looks huge! And, you have 2 chairs, what ARE you going to do with yourself. The little dorm / apt building looks kind of picturesque. I like your description of Quebec as being like GA. That really helped! Um, how much is French spoken at the grocery store or movie theatre? I don't know how bilingual or even monolingual the province is.

  2. Well, the kitchen is about the size of the one I had in GA, so it's a decent size. Initial impressions are that French is really the main language at the grocery store/resteraunts but I think that the Quebecois do a much better job with learning English than the rest of Canada does with learning French. In other words, if you show any signs of being without a clue, they'll switch to English. There are also pockets of English speaking communitities. It's possible to grow up in Quebec and never really use French, I think.

  3. Thanks for the pictures of your apartment! It's fun to have a visual of where you are living. It looks like you might have room for two can we visit??? Hee! Hee!:)
    When do your classes start?

  4. Any time, girl! Any time! Tomorrow is orientation and then class begins on Wednesday.


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