Saturday, August 30, 2008


Well, it's official! I am finally in Quebec. The sign proves it. It was quite a long drive from Toronto. It actually didn't feel that long until I reached Quebec and then there was a lot of traffic so it felt congested as though I wasn't getting very far very fast. It was interesting because I think for me this felt like more of a "fish out of water" cultural experience than being in Niger. Just have to get that French flowing out of my mouth instead of just floating around in my head.
So what's Quebec like? Well, once I got on the road from Montreal to Sherbrooke it began to seem a little like Georgia. There were lots of trees along the side of the road and some of them are even beginning to turn color! Can't believe that! I guess that would be the major difference between Georgia and here, most of the trees are ones that turn colors rather than the Georgia pine. Perhaps my car will not be turning green in the spring this year. :) Anyway, there are also some fair size hills or small mountains. I'm not sure what they are considered to be. In fact, the town of Sherbrooke has some considerably steep streets. Makes me think of a place in Gatlinburg that I detest...some of you may know of which I speak! Well, more about my "apartement" tomorrow and some pictures, too.


  1. Hey Beth! Those pics are so pretty! Looks incredible! I definitely remember a time in Gatlinburg when were at the LAC Singles retreat and Melissa and I had to have Neal come and drive her car up the hill because it was so steep! Is that a time that you are talking about. Oh my...what memories, eh? I really enjoy reading your blog and seeing how you are doing through it. I hope you have a great day!! Take care :)

  2. That's the one...if I had nightmeres on a regular basis they would probably be about that hill. :)


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