Friday, September 26, 2008

An Apple a Day....

Field trip day at the language school. We all went to "un verger des pommes" or an apple orchard. It was actually my very first time in an apple orchard. What did I expect before going? The apple orchard that Anne of Green Gables was picking in when Gilbert wandered down the lane to ask her to walk with him for the rest of his life, of course! But it wasn't at all like that. The trees were very short which I guess makes it much easier to pick. I helped my neighbors David, Brenda and Tabitha pick a couple of apples for their bags. Then I actually ate TWO apples...more than I've eaten in two years at least! And I asked myself why don't I eat apples? They taste pretty good....but after working the skin out of my teeth for the next couple of hours I had at least one reason why I'm not particularly fond of apples. But I digress, I had fun taking pictures with my language school buddies.
Sheila and I

Georgia Girls - Katye and I
We had a good time singing the apple song, eating crepes and apple sauce and apple juice and then a piece of apple pie...after all that I'm appled out. Who's up for the pumpkin patch?


  1. Was this the apple orchard where you got the lesson on Apple Anatomy??
    On our field trip to the Apple Orchard...James and I got the giggles so bad through the 'anatomy' lesson...I had to leave...Kathleen was giving me the 'eye'!!
    Glad you had fun!!

  2. I MISS FALL! It's so much fun to read about your new adventures in the North Country... We're stuck with typhoon followed by typhoon followed by typhoon here:) Oh, well!

    Praying for you today...


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