Thursday, September 4, 2008

Phrases you don't want to use in French...

Today we had some good laughs at our own expense...

First there was me and you'll have to excuse the lack of accents. I said, "Il cherche son mari." (He's looking for his husband.) Not exactly what I was going for. The word "mari" sounds so much like a woman, I have a hard time associating it with a man. I'm pretty sure I was beet red by the time that was over. :)

Then there was someone else who talked about his "plusiers des femmes." (His many wives)

And somebody else who said, "Je suis facile!" (I'm easy.) Might not want to use that one very often either.

By the time it was all over, Michel, our teacher was questioning what mission we belonged to that would allow such scandalous activities. :)

There is just nothing like language blunders, to keep you humble and laughing.

1 comment:

  1. hey there-
    sounds like language school! how fun! i loved that period of our ministry. :-)

    got your comment about our background. thanks. i know of one person who has highly restrictive filters and can't load the background. is this something new since you arrived in quebec? i was changing the sidebar around late last night, too... wonder if that could have been part of the problem?

    personally, i love the new background, but if there are lots of people who can't load or read, maybe i need to change... let me know.


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