Sunday, September 21, 2008

Vieux Quebec...Celebrating 400 Years

On Saturday I got the chance to go to Quebec City. It was a perfectly gorgeous day! A crisp autumn breeze to cool us, as all eleven of us explored the old city. We started on the Plains of Abraham and walked our way down into the old city stopping to watch street performers along the way. What a lovely day!

Celebrating 400 Years of History
Standing on the Plains of Abraham where the British and French fought for Quebec
Chateau Frontenac...a hotel that costs about $500/night I've heard
Standing in an archaeological dig directly in front of the Chateau Frontenac. Right behind me was the kitchen and huge fireplace
Looking out the window of the dig area to the St. Lawrence River beyond
More pictures tomorrow....


  1. LOVE, love , love that place!!
    I think PdV should move the school to Old Quebec!!
    Glad you got to go....
    It would be fun if one day we got to go TOGETHER!!
    Study hard...and LAUGH often....
    Love ya

  2. I'm getting nostalgic looking at tes photos de Vieux Quebec. Je suis un peu jalouse que tu peux y aller!!! Feel free to correct mon francais - ca fait longtemps que je dois ecrire en cette langue!

  3. You know, I left a not so small piece of my heart in Quebec City - I think that is my favorite place I've EVER lived! Loved the photos!


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