Friday, January 16, 2009

One Blog Leads to Another

You know how one interesting blog often leads you to another...I started following this blog a couple months back because the pictures of Niger were absolutely awesome. I'm not exactly sure what Esther does in Niger but I do know that she seems to have a yard full of animals - horses, goats, dogs and birds - are the ones I know about. She takes beautiful pictures of her animals and of Niger and gives clever commentary. This particular pictures only post entitled "The Day We Told Allis What Happened to Her Father" made me laugh out loud. It's definitely worth a look!


  1. Hi Beth! Alice is honored to find herself here! It was just too good a picture not to be put to properly use... And we do feel bad about sending off her father to Nigeria which is Africa's China when it comes to eating (all) animals... But bucks are just... bucks!
    When I'm not home enjoying our pets, I'm at the office. :-) I work for Eden Foundation [], which operates in the Tanout region, finding drought tolerant trees and bushes that grow without irrigation and give food, even in times of need.

    Do you live in Niger (or have, at some point)?

    Warm greetings from Zinder,

  2. Hey Esther,
    Just noticed that you had left me a comment so I thought I better respond. The other day I read the info on your foundation so I could be a little bit more informed. :) (Probably should have done that before I posted!) It sounds like you actually grew up in Niger. Where did you go to school or did your parents homeschool you? I was born in Nigeria and lived there until I was about 9 and then we moved to Galmi in Niger. My parents worked with SIM. I am coming back to Niger with SIM and will be living in Niamey teaching at Sahel Academy. :) I'm excited!

  3. Hi Beth! Almost forgot about this post. I came to Zinder in 1986, and went to French School, for the time that there was one. Then I went on to CNED (French correspondence school) but switched to the Swedish school system when I was fifteen. For a few years, we spent half the year in Niger and half in Sweden, and so I just studied on my own until I got back to Sweden.

    I've known a couple of SIM families throughout the years. How long will you be staying in Niamey?


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