Sunday, January 11, 2009

No Public Talents to Display

Last year, my grade level chair decided to afford our first grade team the opportunity to display our talent for the purpose of providing one another with a good laugh. Our whole school had been through a lot of craziness so it was just a way to let off some steam. When the idea was announced, I got up and demonstrated my dancing ability just to emphasize the fact that I really don't have any public talents to display....I'm not a dancer, a singer, an instrument player or anything else. But the show had to go on and it had to include my 'talent' or lack there of. While preparing I was struck by a most brilliant idea which I will not reveal here because one day I might have to display my talents for you and I would hate to reveal my only possible public talent. I will just reveal that it included juggling. I had no idea that I had been caught in the act...which makes this picture all the more fun. I have to tell you that this event had our whole first grade in stitches. We laughed until we were crying! One of my other favorite acts was Sara who busted out the trumpet for the first time since she was in middle school or high school. Needless to say after hearing her, I felt fine about getting up and displaying my non-talent. We all just laughed at our REALLY bad talents!

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