Saturday, February 7, 2009

Amuse-toi au Québec!

Right around 11 AM this morning, I saw a neighbor going by heading down the hill and it clicked that it was time for the polar bear swim. For the last three weeks there have been weekend camps here at Parole de Vie and each Saturday there's a polar bear swim. Since I had forgotten the last two weeks I decided to pull on my boots and go check out the fun. So here are some pics of the campers and the Bible School students participating in the Polar Bear Swim. Just so you know, in order to make the cold not as jarring, the swimmers spend some time running around in a wood heated shed prior to making the jump.
Martin pumped the crowd up for the red team and then did some fancy diving.
Some jumped with great style
and verve
others were scared to death
or needed rubber duckies
a scrubbie
an innertube or two, plus five girls
to have a whole lot of underwater fun!
So there you have way to have fun in the middle of winter!


  1. we took the plunge yesterday too, the ppol reopened after being closed since december. much fun and splashing had by all... but why didn't i see YOU being a polar bear?

  2. Cause I ain't crazy...that's why! :)

  3. yeah. that was going to be my comment: CRAZZZYYY. I guess all those commercials based around people jumping into ponds in the middle of an Arctic winter actually resonates somewhere.

    Fun pics, Beth


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