Saturday, February 21, 2009

Another Beautiful Day in Quebec

I heard a little knock on my door this afternoon - the Wegner Family invited me to come out for a skate. Now here at Parole de Vie that really doesn't just mean that you throw on your skates and hit the rink. It means you shovel the snow off to the side first and then you can go skating! So after clearing a bit of ice we threw on the skates and skated a bit...then the Litsey Family and Emily Schellhase arrived which means 9 more people to have fun with. The entire ice rink actually got cleared and a little game of tag ensued which I somehow managed to avoid being a part of. Five of us were skating while everyone else was tubing. After taking off my skates, I got talked into being a part of a group of tubes going down the hill. The grouping was unsuccessful as half of the group ended up going over the bank into the run next to us. So that led to the highly successful idea of a line. The hill was a killer to climb. I got a huge stitch in my side on my second climb up so I decided two runs was good enough for me and I went and got my camera to take some pictures of the fun. This is what the fun looked like!

The Hike

The Descent

And the Killer Climb Again
And me at the end of a day of fun in the snow with friends.


  1. I LOVE that tubing much fun!!
    Kathleen, Deb and I went one night...we thought we were going to die, we were heading straight for a parked van, all I could hear was Kathleen screaming in my ear...but we were also laughing so hard! We were able to tumble out of the tube and laid there laughing and laughing...and then did it all over again. The screaming was a great stress relief!
    You are right, the climb is a 'killer', but the ride down is SO worth it! Do a run for me!
    Love ya

  2. Kathleen told me about that when I asked if she ever did the polar bear swim. :)

  3. that snow is looking mighty fine as we start to heat up a bit here. nothing killer yet, but just a foretaste of what is to come! enjoy!

  4. I think we must have gotten about a foot more beautiful...I'm actually enjoying it - that's a miracle!


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