Saturday, July 25, 2009


When one moves into an apartment, it is usually desireable that it be unoccupied, n'est-ce pas?

When I moved into my apartment last Tuesday night, I realized quite quickly that I wasn't the only occupent. Something capable of scurrying very fast was also calling it home. I didn't scream like a girl or anything but I can't say that it was particularly appealing to be sharing my living quarters with one of these guys. A gecko - I could have handled. A lizard - had to be evicted especially because he was not potty trained! However, after chasing him fruitlessly around my bedroom, I gave up when he disappeared and decided to wait for his next appearance. This afternoon as I was reading a book on my bed, I saw him drop from the window onto a pile of clothes so I ran to get my broom. I chased him around and out of my room and under a closet. Using the room I tried to sweep him out but heard him scurrying which gave me a fright at which point I pulled up on the broom and it snapped in half. Ooops!
I went in search of something else long, leaving the door wide open for his retreat back into my room. Argh, so I opened the outside door wide so he had plenty of opportunity to exit the building and then began the chase again around the room and out and under the cupboard. This time when I swiped under the cupboard he scurried out to the living room. Not easily evicted - this one! So I opened the door out to the office below and swiped at him again. Finally, after a few back and forth moves across the wall he made a break for the open door. Eviction complete! Hope he can't squeeze back in by some odd chance. If you happen to work in the office downstairs...I'm oh so sorry to have sent him your way but not at all sad to have seen him go! :)


  1. Thank you, Beth, for your well-wishes on our first day of homeschooling! :) Both kids are sick right now, so we might be derailed for a few days already. Oh well!

  2. i can't believe you evicted the pet we worked so hard to find you before you came... such gratitude!!

  3. I'll only feel bad if you put him through a rigourous interview process! By the way next time, you need to make sure that potty trained is a prerequisite. :)


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