Thursday, July 23, 2009

Jet Lag Brings On My Return to Blogging

Life on the road is really not condusive to blogging hence the reason you haven't heard from me in over a month! But alas, the roadtrip has come to an end and I'm settled in to my new home...only one problem, my body has not settled in to its new time zone. So here it is 3am and I am wide awake. What better time to make my return to blogging.

What could I tell you about that has happened in the last month?

I could tell you that on my road trip I got to go from house to house visiting all my friends and their families. I had an absolute blast seeing how their children were growing and of course, singing them my favorite song about the Five Little Ducks. It's usually a hit with kids but their parents might have been happy to see me and my song hit the road due to oversinging. :)

I could tell you about spending the 4th of July with my friend Jen and her nephew, Travis and their whole family. I could tell you about how after spending all day with Travis on the 4th of July. He sat down beside me and looked up at me with a very quizzical expression on his face and said, "Do I know you from somewhere?" Cracked me up!
Or maybe I could tell you about all the encouraging notes and conversations I had with people along the way who are praying and interested in the ministry God has called me too here in Niger or the blessing of being commissioned at Parkway Bible Church.
Then there is my last night in Toronto spent with my Mom and Dad and my friend Chellaine playing crokinole. It was intense! (or intensely embarassing if your name is Beth or Chellaine.)

Or I could talk about how hard it was to leave behind two of my favorite people on earth!

But I think it might be time for me to go back to bed....

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  1. Yay for a new adventure! I'll be praying for you!!!! God bless!


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