Friday, July 31, 2009

Ode to Ice

Cold and crunchie,
Best little munchie,
Oh how I miss you ice.
I'm so sad.
That my tooth went bad.
Now all because of a drill
And just a little fill
I can't sit back and chill
or experience the thrill
of a sweet little,
crunchie little,
icy little cube.
Well, let's just say poetry has never been my strong suit! :) Only something very important like ice would inspire me to bless the world with my juvenile poetic efforts.


  1. i LOVE it!!!!! what a "COOL" poem. it made me smile! :) was this written before or after midnight? seriously, i remember your ice crunching habits, how sad they are no more :(

  2. Had to be after midnight with one little edit this morning. :) Now all I could do is suck on ice cubes and it stinks I tell you!

  3. I thought you were missing them in general -- due to l'Afrique -- but then I read more closely. This is temporary, right? Until your filling is repaired, replaced, etc?

    Love your window watching post, too.

  4. Well the Dentist said it would be sensitive for a while after it had been filled but it's almost a month now and since I had one fixed on both sides of my mouth I can't crunch down on either side even softer stuff can be felt. We'll see...anyway as I sucked away on a cube I felt inspired...its just not the same as crunching. :)

  5. How fun! I have a friend that wants to know the word for "ice" in every language so he can have it no matter where he goes! Here in Morocco the word is "tilsh" which is the same word for snow!

  6. maybe a snow cone would help the fix...

  7. Uuuhhh thanks for the suggestion, where the heck do I get one of those?????


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