Monday, March 22, 2010

Come on Down! You're the next contestant on....

Divine What Was in my Dust! Yes, that's's this country's newest game show designed for anyone who's been breathing it in, washing it off or wiping it away. I'll just get the game going here with a few dastardly dust spots found dilly dallying around my domicile. Your job is to discern the type of object that used to inhabit the dwelling place.

#3And what dividend will you receive for daring to participate in such a duel of drollery...
you're very own dust dispenser (otherwise known as a bottle of dust). It will be dispatched to your domicile tout de suite so that you too, can participate in Divine What Was in my Dust!

(me + break time + thesaurus = dabbling in dorky diversions)


  1. Oh so deep and profound Beth. =) And while I may have some ideas, I will refrain from guessing for fear that I might win. And the last thing I need around here is more dust! Thanks for the entertainment though.

  2. Alas, I also have some guesses...but too much dust of my own that has recently come from the deserts of China. You crack me up! Thanks for the giggles from your witty verbage :)


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