Friday, March 19, 2010

Tights and White Out Conditions

If you are looking for a riveting topic of conversation here, you definitely shouldn't choose the weather. There really isn't a great difference from day to day. That's why when you begin to see weird phenomenon you take note.

Last Sunday driving through the petite marche I noticed a man wearing snowpants. "Does he know something I don't know?" I wondered. Well I chalked that one up to the fact that he might not have been all there....I mean, after all, the snowpants were about 10 sizes too small. They were more like snow capris.
Then yesterday one of my little friends came in dressed in a nifty pair of striped tights under her skirt. Cute but really, what am I missing? It's 7:30 am, 86 degrees inside and the sun hasn't even risen fully! Perhaps inspired by yesterday's cute tights or maybe it was Easter as she claimed, another student arrived in tights today. Clearly, I need to be turning on the weather station!
It hit me this afternoon. They must have been preparing for Niamey's "white out" conditions (aka. harmattan)!


  1. Brrr... Harmattan mornings.

    I remember when the Harmattan used to be so bad that we weren't allowed to fly home to Niger from KA.

  2. I used to love all the random things you could see people wearing in the market. One of my favorite's was a man wearing a big black maternity t-shirt that said "Baby on Board" in neon colors on it. And the assortment of winter wear was amazing. I love the "snow capris".=) Hope your Harmattan season is happy!=)

  3. The dust isn't blocking the view of that green grass!!! Wow!!!!!!!!! Very nice.

  4. I'm love'n it. Yesterday I saw a man in a Santa hat with blond braids sticking out. Don't see that every day.

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  6. Great story! and the comments are great too...espec. Brenda's! How funny. If You all got the "snow storm" here, we got the "blizzard" in Maka!!!

  7. I recently donated some snowpants to Goodwill........ I wonder if they are the same ones. :)

    Sharon Cooley


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