Friday, March 5, 2010

Hypnotizing, Baptizing and Accrediting

It's been a big week here at Sahel Academy. If you were in the first and second grade it included a little bit of hypnotizing and baptizing but for the rest of the school it was really more about the accrediting.

The two person Accreditation Team arrived and hit the ground running. They were busy all week visiting classrooms, conversing with students and parents and reading documents. I was observed for a few minutes and later, had the opportunity to answer questions about some general procedures on our campus and about our curriculum. On Thursday we had a brief report from the team in which they gave us several commendations and several recommendations. It was a very positive meeting and ending with the fact that they are recommending us for full accreditation. Praise the Lord!

As for the hypnotizing and baptizing...that was the "funny" for the week. We were standing in line for the bathroom and one of my little girls, K said to the person in front of her, "I'm going to hypnotize you!" She proceeded to stare deeply into her friend's eyes (picture the snake in the movie the Jungle Book here). E, the girl standing behind K wanted to get in on the fun but she didn't really hear correctly. So she proceeded to dip K back and exclaimed, "I'm going to baptize you!" ....well rounded education, I tell you. I cover it all from hypnotizing to baptizing!

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