Saturday, November 13, 2010

As Seen On the Bridge

Oh my, I love the bridge.  That's where all the funny stuff happens.  Picture it with me, if you will.  Samantha and I pull up to the stop light where we notice a man and a boy on a moto and stuffed between the two of them is a full grown sheep.  So I say to Sam, "Too bad you don't have your camera out and you could take a picture."  She hurriedly proceeds to get it out and we chase them down for a picture on the straightaway towards the bridge.  We get to the corner and suddenly I see the sheep's tail lift up.  Uhoh, that's not good...that's a sure sign and yes indeed, here it comes - poop - basically right into the kid's hand.  Then the sheep decides that he is not happy to be sandwiched between two people on a now the kid has a pooping, bucking sheep and why don't we just throw a traffic jam in there for good measure.  Ahh yes, another unforgettable moment on the bridge!

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