Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Construction Zone

We are in the middle of building an administrative wing on the end of our high school building.  This will be our first two story building on campus and today was the day chosen to pour cement for the second floor.  Here in Niger you don't call the cement truck to deliver you load after load of cement for your floor.  The entire amount of cement was hand mixed and poured by about 50 men today.

You can see that it took a lot of people to get the job done. In the foreground and to the right, the men are mixing the sand and rocks which was then added to the pile of cement on the left and mixed with water.

Once the cement was mixed on the ground, the men under the platform threw it up on to the platform.

From the platform the cement was thrown up to the second floor where it was placed in a wheelbarrow and poured out to make the floor.

The entire floor had to be hand mixed and hand poured in one day.

All in a day and night's work! Apparently, they won't be done until 3 or 4 in the morning!


  1. Wow -- incredible!

    I love this idea of throwing the cement up a few stories.

  2. I bet it was hard to concentrate in school when everybody'd rather be watching the work!


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