Friday, November 19, 2010

The Intergalatic Space Fair

The Sahel Student Council planned an Intergalatic Space Fair last Saturday evening which took me back to my K.A. days and the anticipation of waiting for Fun Fair, a veritable carnival of fun.  That's pretty much what we enjoyed this past Saturday as well.  There were carnival games like

Meteor Blast
 Fish Upon a Star
Destroying Blazlack Germs
and Astroid Defense System. 

But the highlight had to be the SI-MUL-8R  KR8.  The kids got inside a crate which had been outfitted with seat, control panels, headphones from our friendly SIM Air guys.

Then the door was closed and the crate which was on top of a wagon was tipped back.

 At this point lift off began complete with countdown and all the sounds of a real takeoff. And then our director spent the next few minutes rocking the crate back and forth giving the kids their own personal ride through "space".  All the while a video camera which had been hooked up inside the crate, displayed for the outside world the riding astronaut's reactions.
Can I just tell you that I work with some pretty creative people!  Kudos to Brian and Cathy for dreaming this amazing ride up.  Brian especially deserves a gold star for standing there and shaking and rocking the kiddos all night!

Amazing Fun!  And on a side note the crate has been outside the library all week and it's been fun to watch the kids climb in and close the door while a friend on the outside rocks them back and forth...reliving the fun. :)


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