Saturday, December 4, 2010

The SIM AIR Guys - Not Just Pilots or Pretty Faces

The SIM AIR Guys - they aren't just pilots or pretty faces (as one of them who shall remain nameless but might just be pictured directly below likes to say).  Yes, they will fly you wherever you want to go in Niger, within reason and they are even willing to fly you across borders but they also know how to give a mean field trip. Of course, when four of the children in your class belong to them they are bound to rise to the occasion.
They will explain how the plane works and let you try out the headphones.
They will even let you climb in the pilot's seat and handle the yoke.
You'll get a chance to try out the passengers' seats.
You will even get to eat lunch in the pilots' lounge and leave your crumbs everywhere.
They know how to make a grand entrance
and an amazing paper airplane which they'll even let you fly in their hangar.

They can do all this and what's more they are even willing to use their amazing airport connections to get you out to see the airport fire station, climb in the firetrucks and watch them spray the world's "biggest" water gun.

Like I said, they aren't just pilots or pretty faces...they know how to put on an unforgettable field trip!


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