Friday, February 3, 2012

Did you ever think you would see the day?

 Did you ever think you would see the day that I would be wearing an outfit like this?
Hmm, me neither.  It kind of makes me think of an African version of the Chiquita Banana woman! :)  I'm what you might call "conservative" in my choice of pattern in clothing so the African cloth for the most part is a little wild and crazy for me.  I mean I have friends who might choose to wear chickens on their clothing (you know who you are!) or sparkplugs or any manner of other random object but I'm kind of partial to patterns that fade into the background.  But this Christmas I finally found this cloth which I really liked.  I can do stripes!  "But they are bright green," you say, "how is that not wild?".  That color green happens to be one of my favorite colors as evidenced by the curtain in the background of this picture.  So I went for it!  This, then, is my tailor made outfit.
Last Friday night, I was bored so I tried my hand at tying the head scarf.  It was highly entertaining for me and I finally came up with something halfway decent that actually stayed on my head. 

Will I be wearing my head tie out and about...hmm, that remains to be seen?  But at least I now have an outfit to wear for occasions that necessitate it.


  1. HEY! don't knock the chickens....

  2. Beautiful! I love your choice of material. You know, that pattern is very flattering and not at all bold (especially when compared with the average African pattern). I vote that you wear the head scarf.

  3. You're rockin' the head scarf. I absolutely CANNOT tie scarves!!!


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