Thursday, April 12, 2012

You Know It's Time for Home Assignment....

when your shoes and socks can't contain your toes any longer!


  1. Wow -- that could be in their next missionary letter & I think giving would shoot way up! :-) Or at the very least he'd get 10 pairs of sneakers.
    Are your shoes needing home assignment too?

    1. Well, when you mostly wear flipflops it doesn't really matter if your toe is poking out....although you can tell that you've worn quite a groove in them and you wish you had the extra padding back!

  2. Excellent picture ... I saw that kid running at school the other day, and it is not mine!

  3. I notice how quick you are to proclaim that this one doesn't belong to you! :)

  4. heidi's sandles can't contain her toes either, but at least they already have holes to let them out! :) i keep telling her only a few more weeks...

  5. I know, eh, Beka...definite benefit to open toed or flipflops...your toe doesn't have to force it's way out!


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