Saturday, June 9, 2012

Going Against Their Very Nature

Boys + Sticks = Love

Playground Rule # 431  You may not play with sticks on the playground.

Saturday afternoon and I looked out the window to find the Council of the Boys taking place directly outside my classroom.  Every boy except for one had a stick in his hand.

I had a revelation.  Rule # 431 You may not play with sticks on the playground - must be a very hard rule to follow on weekdays.

I'm kind of glad that on Saturdays we don't have to follow the playground rules.  Who would want to deny them the simple joy of a stick?

Here's hoping nobody pokes their eye out on Saturday!


  1. Oh dear! What to do with boys. :)

  2. I know! It's hard not to let them play with them that is of course, until the damage is done. There would have been outrage if I had gone out there and told them to put the sticks down so I was glad it was Saturday! Sahel is a little bit different than K.A., the school that I went to growing up because the rules applied all the time! They had the most awesome swings there and I desperately wanted to stand up and swing on them but that was against the rules. I'm kind of glad that we don't have to enforce the rules all the time at Sahel.

  3. When my boys were little, I decided not to buy them guns to play with. What did they do? They made guns out of sticks! Then I said they could only shoot dinosaurs, no people! Now they have airsoft weekends with their friends and play paintball when on furlough. They turned out alright. P.S. Beth, I agree with you about the "rules". - Mikki

  4. So true, Nancy! One of my favorite toys before I went off to school was an old cook stove (kind of like the one the K2Rideouts have had in their living room for some time) that was in our yard in Sokoto. I loved that thing and all it was was someone else's junk!

  5. sticks in eyes = bad news (just ask Richelle about Jonny!)

  6. I know it, Mira! Hence the rule, but when you see how much they love them it's so darn hard to make them put them down! :)


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