Friday, June 15, 2012

Who's Changed the Most?

This picture was taken a day or so after I arrived three years ago

and these ones just this week.

So who's changed the most?  Why am I still in the 2nd Grade when she's going into 5th?
One thing's for sure, we're both up to no good!

And how's this for cool?  This is the first entire family minus the parents, of course, that I have taught!


  1. Beth, I wish you had taught all of my kids as well. The good thing is that even two are already too old, one is still young enough to be your student in a couple of years! Yeah!!!
    Thanks again for being such a good teacher to my Naeva.

  2. How awesome! What great history!! If I ever have kids, I hope they get to have you for a teacher!


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