Saturday, June 23, 2012

Some Not So Shady Business

Some not so shady business has been taking place around the campus of Sahel Academy

This past year the school was able to purchase a covered court.  The plan is to build that court this coming year when our new construction manager and the supplies all cross the ocean.  In the meantime, some preparations are being made on the campus - namely, the removal of a lot of shade.

These eucalyptus trees have been standing watch over the activities of this playground for a long time.  I'm pretty sure they were there when I was a student.  The morning of the last day of school big red Xs had appeared on them indicating they were to be removed.  There was general outrage in the elementary when they found out that everything with an X was to be removed that included the gazebo to the left and the playhouse on the right - two elementary favorites.  However, that didn't prevent anyone from having fun on them once they were down!

In less than a week the area was completely cleared of trees.

The view from the front

The view from the back

Next on the docket - the removal of the playhouse and the gazebo.  Less than a day after I left Niger and this is what it looked like.
Thanks to Shannon M. for the picture.
Things are changing quickly around the campus.  It makes me excited to imagine what it will look like a year from now when I return!  Hopefully, there will be a nice new shaded court right here in this place!

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