Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Great Experiment: Part One

When I left Niger I made a deliberate choice to leave behind all my recipes mostly because I didn't want to lug my recipe box back and forth across the ocean.  I also thought it would be good chance to try some of the yummy looking recipes I've pinned in the last year.

In July the experimenting began and the theme was chicken - the whiter the meat the better since it's not often that we get to enjoy white meat in Niger!

Inspired by the Olympics, I thought I would hand out some medals.  In 5th place it was Chicken Cesar Sandwiches. These are incredibly easy to make and great for a nice light meal.

Finishing just off the podium in 4th place was this White Chili Recipe.  This had awesome flavor but I will say that if you plan on making it you should be careful with the Cayenne pepper.  Definitely cut back!

Coming in 3rd place is this recipe for Mexican Stuffed Shells.  I've never made stuffed shells in my life so this was a first for me.  I loved the flavours in this recipe.  Very different from Italian but it's delicious and the only thing I've made without chicken!

It's a tight finish between 2nd and 1st.  Coming in 2nd is this recipe for Chicken and Spinach Quesadillas.  If this medal was being given for suitablity for Niger this recipe would definitely win.  It's delicious and the ingredients can all be found/substituted for in Niger.  I loved the flavour of lime and chicken together.

And the gold medal finish goes to Summer Squash Chicken Alfredo.  This is the first time I've ever used sun-dried tomatoes and let me tell you they are delicious especially combined with the squash, the bacon and the sliced almonds.  Yummo!

There you have it...part one of the experiment yielded lots of chicken goodness and not a loser in the bunch! 

Which one are you tempted to try?


  1. all the above! :-)
    i think you need to make them all over again and invite me over ;-) heh heh hehhh

  2. Jenn, If I make them all again I won't be able to try new ones and continue the great experiment! :)

  3. we make white chili fairly often and i do a variation of the chicken sandwich. the chicken quesadillas - yummmmmmmmm! our grill marks wouldn't look quite so pretty, however! and the stuffed shells look interesting. wouldn't have thought to put the two together, though i don't know why not since i fairly frequently make goulash with noodles, leftover chili and cheese. the gold winner? how hard would it be to sun dry tomatoes here?? :-)

    looking forward to reading the next installment of your great experiment. and... how nice is it to go shopping and actually find available all of the ingredients on your list?

    1. Yep, sun-dried tomatoes in Niger shouldn't be that difficult at all! ;) I've thought about doing the White Chili but the recipe I have at home calls for cream...and I've never been able to buy cream there because it's so expensive. It kills me!

  4. Mmmmmm Summer Squash Chicken Alfredo sounds good! Great choice for #1.

    If you follow my blog, I'll follow yours!

    Casey Sean Harmon


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