Saturday, May 4, 2013

In the Land of the Longhorns

On my way to San Antonio for a reading conference, I stopped to see my friend C, who has been finishing up a Masters program in Dallas.  Her family was there to help her celebrate her graduation too.  So C introduced us all to the Dallas area.  When asked what there was to do in the area, C listed shopping and eating as the main activities.  She was right, there are plenty of places to shop but even more places to eat that I have never seen anywhere else in the US.  When it comes to the food, the saying, "Everything is bigger in Texas!" definitely applies.  I wish I had taken a picture of it but alas, all I have are memories of the 6 inch tall burger I was served at Whiskey Cake, a favorite restaurant of M  & C.

 I love these two sisters!
Still standing after that 6 inch burger.

Partaking in the cupcake phenomenon with some tasty treats from Sprinkles.
C took us to a couple different spots around the city where they have longhorn statues.
  Even the cows are bigger in Texas!
Looks like it's time to go. 
There's a mad cow on the run.
I'll catch you in San Antonio!

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