Sunday, June 2, 2013

Friends with Good Judgment and Personality

I stole that title from a six year old but it's right on the money.  My friends M & C have a six year old niece who was recently discussing M's status as an unattached single lady.  Being enthralled with boyfriends at the moment, she could not understand why M didn't have one.  "But I don't understand," she proclaimed to M, "You have such good judgment and personality!"  Yes, I have more than a few friends who have been endowed with good judgment and personality and that includes the ones that are married.  I'm beyond thankful that God allowed our paths to cross because really, who doesn't need friends with good judgment and personality to help us navigate the joys and trials of life?

Not only that but even when I drop in and out of their areas on very short notice they are willing to take time out of their busy personal/professional lives to spend time with me.  That is a huge blessing in my life!

Thank you, My Friends!  Although, looking at these pictures has me questioning why you might be hanging out with me.

It's probably because I'm willing to prancercize for you which I think pretty much eliminates the notion that you might be hanging out with me because of my good judgment!


  1. I like that "personality and judgment" comment..Perfect... and I for one would love to hang out with you...

    1. You definitely fit into the category of a friend with good judgment and personality, Ronda! Come see me in Niger & we can hang out together. :)


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