Thursday, August 21, 2014

Glorious Green - My Last Crafty Project of the Summer

Way back in February, I ran into this fabric

It was the perfect thing to tie together the blues and the greens in my living room and dining room.  I thought there was only going to be enough for curtains or dining room cushions but I happened to find more which meant there was plenty to go around.  So I made the curtains.

But I let someone else do the hard work of making cushions.

One last look into that lovely green kitchen...

where my handy with a drill friend Deb helped me attach all the new door handles.
(I needed help because my first encounter with the drill included the loss of a chunk of skin off the bottom of my toe and the drill wasn't even moving!)

And finally a look into my living room which means my last summer crafting project is complete.

Maybe one day there will be more on the walls but I wouldn't get your hopes up!


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