Friday, August 22, 2014

Nailed It!

And it's back to school with me!  I have seven kiddos this year and I'm loving it.  During the first week of school with first graders, I can not remember a year where I have actually had the opportunity to sit down at my desk for a few minutes while my students worked but it happened this year.

We started out the year with a fun little self portrait.  Here they all are and some of my students nailed it!

Awesome hair.

A carefully included freckle.

Prepare to laugh with this little guy.


Wispy hair perfectly captured.

Lovin' the lips.

A winning smile.

All fearfully and wonderfully made!


  1. Oh beth, you are such a fun teacher. I have one in grade 1 this year. Tell you what, you post every fun thing you do and I will copy at home. You have great ideas.

    Did you get our newest birth announcement in the mail yet?

    1. I hadn't heard that news yet, Rhonda! Very exciting...can't wait to get it and see the latest addition to your family!


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