Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Busting Out the Color

You may remember when My Apartment Fell in A Bucket of Fresh Cut Grass.  Well my living room/dining room/kitchen wasn't the only room in which I decided to bust out the color.  I also chose some pretty bold colors for my spare room.

This is the necessary before picture...messy and lived in! Important to note that right there where my chair was sitting a hole was being worn in the cement floor.

I chose the color for the wall based on this fun fabric I found  and my friendly neighbourhood painter mixed up the paint and painted that wall right up.  He also painted my shelf pink and of course, green couldn't be left out.  So he painted a little cupboard green for me.  You'll see that little guy in a later picture.

Now most people would do things in a logical order but me, I like to be different so I decided to address the little problem of the hole in the cement floor a few months later after everything was nicely painted.  Brilliant, I know!

They literally came in and chipped up my floor carrying it out in buckets but still leaving plenty of floor behind in the form of a thick layer of dust.

But it was worth it because I got this beautiful tile floor.

When I put everything back I decided to rearrange the furniture which made this whole room seem so much bigger.  Great decision!

I found the fun green sheets and bought them because they were perfect for the room and because I needed more green in my life (yes, I have a problem!).  One of my crafting projects for the summer was to make the grey cover for the bed.  Someone I love dearly told me I should trim my grey material with pink bias tape.  "More color," I said to myself, "of course!"  Ignorance is bliss. But I know now that making bias tape is hard work especially the part where you iron it all.  However, I will say this.  There is a certain very satisfying feeling you get when you see it all rolled up neatly lying on your table.

Anyway, my summer project is complete.  The bias tape has been sewn on and the bed cover completed.

I'm quite happy with my colourful little spare room...except for that little problem of the curtain rod that's falling out of the wall.  Yep, should have taken care of that before the room got painted too!


  1. Nice job, Beth! Hope the school year is starting out well. See you soon. Marcy

    1. Thanks, Marcy. School has gotten off to a great start and I am enjoying my seven students. :)


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