Friday, February 17, 2012

Hood Ornament? or Cooking for a Crowd?

Time for another episode of
As Seen On The Bridge! 

This week I was driving across the bridge and I passed a fully loaded van with three green strainers attached to the grill. 
Is this someone's idea of a cool hood ornament? 

Granted, it can't quite compete with the bull horns. 
But what it lacks in the coolness factor it makes up for in it's utility.

Imagine you are on the road and you suddenly get struck by a hunger pang.  You pull over, start the fire, throw in the spaghetti, unhook your strainer from the grill, drain out the water and fix yourself a nice plate of spaghetti.

"Why 3?"
you might ask yourself.

Well it's rare that one should travel in a bush taxi alone...

so three green strainers insure that should the entire bush taxi be struck by a collective hunger pang you will have adequate straining power.

This is what some people like to refer to as "cooking for a crowd."

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  1. Interestingly, it is necessary in the summer to try on your machine. Unless of course I understand.


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