Friday, February 3, 2012

When You Aren't...

See this teacher. 
That's Miss B. 
She is the cool 4th/5th grade teacher who has all kinds of pets. 
She's been known to keep a wide variety of pets such as rabbits, hedgehogs, birds, turtles and chameleons.

So what happens when you aren't the cool teacher who keeps classroom pets?

(That would be me!) 

Then your students are forced to find their own pets which leads to the adoption of...

"The Classroom Spider".
Yes, that would be the little black dot on the floor


yes, they literally get that excited over the sighting of "Jumpy", the spider.

Jumpy is a little jumping spider who lives in our classroom and occasionally, he appears with his cousin Pumpy.  They are not to be mixed up with one another because Jumpy is black and Pumpy is brown.

Everything stops so that Jumpy can be greeted appropriately and his activities carefully examined.
This week the excitement over his appearance was so great that Jumpy had to take a field trip next door so that he could be shared with the Third Grade.

SO that's what happens when you aren't the the cool teacher that has classroom pets!


  1. Just think of it as encouraging their excitement for non-traditional pets! :)

  2. I love it Beth!! So cute . . . and I hate spiders! (especially the jumpy ones) I sure hope none of your students accidently step on one of their non-traditional classroom pets - it would be a sad day for sure! Love the pic of it on the ruler.


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