Friday, February 3, 2012

Operation Contraction

Time to operate on words.
 Mask, please.
Gloves on and we're ready.
Move to the operating table.
Cut away the unecessary.
Apply the bandaid.
Work together for better success.
And you have completed contration surgery!

Funny Comments Heard Mid-Surgery:

"I don't know how doctors do this!"
(in reference to the gloves and masks which they all thought were stinky)

"Miss Botheras, why are you letting us waste bandaids?"
(Ahh, such good MKs!)

This great idea for teaching contractions was inspired by The First Grade Parade.


  1. I heard about this at home ie: they enjoyed it very much! Great idea!

  2. Love your idea Beth. You are so creative! And your outfit....just a lotta bit crazy but I've always known that you've got a lotta bit crazy all over inside you! Hugs, Jennifer


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