Monday, March 5, 2012

Blowing Bubbles and Writing

The last couple of weeks in Writer's Workshop has been all about process writing or "How To" writing.  I found this fun little craft and writing activity over at the Teacher Wife .  We started out by chewing Bubble Gum and discussing the process of how to blow a bubble with bubble gum.  Then I sent the students off to write it all down.  We worked all week, editing and perfecting our writing.  Then on Friday we made the craft.  Crafting with 26 First and Second Graders almost drove me over the edge!  Thank goodness Crystal was here to help me.  They turned out pretty darn cute.  I think these ones bear a striking resemblance to their makers.
Now I leave you with one important piece of advice gleaned from this First Grader's Writing. 

That's right friends, when you are all finished don't forget to

"Fow it in the trash!"

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