Saturday, March 24, 2012

Second Grade Heroics

During our study of the Vikings, we all chose a Viking nickname for ourselves based on one of our special talents. Then we took our special talents and turned them into super powers in order to write stories using past tense verbs.  So without any further ado, I present to you - Second Grade Heroics.  They will make you laugh, cry and maybe even scratch your head and say "huh?"

Yesterday was a fabulous day. There was a big problem, but we solved it! It all started like this. Around the town of Niamey, the 2nd grade heros got thier power mixed up a little. Grace forgot how to spell viking. Since Cole had dictionary powers, Grace asked him "How do you spell viking? Cole said "v-i-c-k-i-n-g!" Then Grace wrote it down. Grace took it to Miss Botheras. Ms. Botheras said "I think your powers got mixed up!" Then she noticed Andrea was burping, and Tom was doing sports. Then Jaelyn & Mikaylah found a book with where the powers belonged. Jaelyn read the book & Mikaylah drew picktures to go with it. Ms. Botheras helped the class get the powers where they belonged.
Written by: J the Reader & M the Artist

Youna and Naeva Best Friends

Once upon a time there lived two freinds.  One day a army of pigs captured Youna and Naeva.  The pigs hated eating foods.  Then Naeva took her magic paintbrush and drew piles of food.  Youna made the foods laugh.  The king squeeld like a girl.  Then the pigs ran away because they thought the foods would eat them.  Youna chuckled so hard that she explored (exploded).  Now that why Naeva is crying every single day of her life.
by Y the Chuckler and N the Drawer

The Two Secend Graders (Girls) that Saved the Day

Once upon a time there lived two secend Grade girls.  Let us interdus them to you.  These are thare names Andrea the Athlete and Deborah the Linguist Girl.  One day Joel the little King called them to come help recuae (rescue) the pallice (palace).  They needed them to come case (chase) a rilly big giant.  So they went.  Deborah the Linguist Girl spoke to the giant in giant langig (language) and told him to go away.  But it didn't work.  So they had to be quick like Andrea the Athlete and throw balles at him.  Suddnly the giant ran away.  Hurray the two secend Graders saved the day! said Joel the little King.  That day the giant got scared and never came bake agen.
by A the Athlete and D the Linguist Girl

Iyla the Friend and Cole the Dictionary saved Mikaylah the Artest and Jaelyn the Reader from the evil Beth the Riddler and her evil Vikings.  One day Jaelyn the Reader and Mikaylah the Artest were walking along a path that lead up to a bridge and Beth the Riddler was goarding it and she said "you have to figer out this ridle but they couldn't.  Then they saw Cole the Dictionary and Ilya the Freind and they called them and they solved the riddle and crossed the bridge.
by I the Friend and C the Dictionary

Two Super Heros Save the day

One day a monster crepped into a house at night.  A little girl was home alone and saw the monster and she skreamed!!!  Two super heros herd her in another building.  They came running (flying) to the house.  Grace the Superhero spelled...S-T-O-P stop and the monster stopped.  Then suddenly Tom the superhero burped a loud burp.  The monster fell out the window and died.  Grace and Tom saved the day!  The end
By: T the Burper and G the Speller

There is just nothing better than little people's writing!

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