Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hearing From the Frontline

As I travel and visit in what seems like a completely different world from that which my colleagues in Niger are living in and experiencing, the words from "home"are comforting.  They bring news and help me to know how to pray so I thought I would share some of them here with you.

53 missionaries and children were displaced.  You can go here to find out what it is like to find workable housing for all of them.

Many are overwhelmed.  This blog will give you insight into those emotions.

The floods brought an unexpected holiday from school.  The Seeming Forever Weekend will give you some insight into what that has felt like and give you a list of things that one missionary is grateful for in the midst of the seeming forever weekend.

It's amazing how quickly things have moved.  There is a new elementary building...

and thanks to our amazing community all of the classroom furniture and stuff is moved in.  You can read about that here.  There is also a new secondary building and moving in day is Wednesday.

Two houses have also been rented to be the new dorms.  Today is dorm moving day so you can read this post by the Sahel dorm parents and pray for them as they move and prepare to receive their students back on Sunday.

Green Valley Community Church have helped Sahel Academy in some huge ways.  It was an amazing encouragement to hear that their pastor flew out to be there during this time!  Here is a post that he wrote about what he has observed.

There you have it - News from the Frontline.  I hope it will encourage you as you pray.

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  1. Beth, you are amazing, thanks so much for your posts over the last weeks. Anne


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