Saturday, September 15, 2012


I've been thinking about history...
the history of my countrymen.

How in the world did the pioneers have the perseverance to get through all that scrub in Wyoming with their wagons?
I've been thinking about history...
 invented history.
Benjamin Franklin and I hold an itriguing discussion about his role in the making of the Kennedy Bridge in Niger.  What's that you say, you don't know about that?  You better brush up on your invented history here.
I have been thinking about history...
my personal history.
Buying coke and an O'Henry Bar in honour of my Dad at the corner store just around the corner from his house in Calgary.  When we stayed with my Grandpa & Grandma B we used to buy milk & other treats here.
I've been thinking about history...
intriguing history.
One of my Dad's cousins worked for Canadian Pacific Railway and operated the telegraph machine.  He had a machine which he showed us.  He demonstrated how it worked and then he gave me this sheet
and let me tap out a message for him while he listened at the other end of the table.
My message:  I sat on a gnat.  It was amazing to see how fast he could get the words (although I was pretty proud of myself that I threw him for a loop with the word "gnat"). 
History -
It's personal.  It's intriguing.  It's inspiring
it's definitely worth studying!


  1. yippee!

    we LOVE history around here... as long as we remember it is a story and not a bunch of facts to memorize.

    really like this post, beth!

    1. I didn't have a picture for it but we also talked to one of my Dad's friends who had been in World War 2. He's 91 years old. He shared with us his experiences and told us about how his boat got caught on a sandbar on D-Day. They sat their for three days with bombs dropping all around but they never got hit. It was amazing to hear how God protected them!

  2. I had the gift of a Dad that told me stories from history like they were late breaking news. I LOVE history to this day. Thanks for sharing your travels!

    1. If I had ever thought about teaching high school, I might have considered majoring in history. But I like little First & Second Graders better!


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