Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Little Christmas Cookie Miracle

Today was a full on baking day in the Botheras' household.  My brother wanted to bless the people in his workplace with some Christmas treats.  There are over 70 truck drivers so we had to get down to work.  A whole lot of ginger snaps, sugar cookies, chocolate crinkles, peppermint crunch cookies, chocolate chip cookies, rice krispie treats, brownies and cherry kiss cookies later...
what to our wandering eyes should appear but a brother bent on evil intent.
Check out that eyebrow! 
Every man must make his contribution.  But don't worry though it may appear so, I assure you, his was not a little bit of spit to hold the decoration in place.
In actual fact, Kent thought we may have overdone it a bit (Surprise! Surprise!).  So he called some friends of his who have a ministry to the homeless in Charlotte and inquired whether they might like to have some cookies for the people who came through their doors tomorrow.  And this is where the Christmas miracle happened.  They were planning a party for tomorrow but somehow the person who was supposed to make the treats wasn't able to do it.  Did they need cookies?  Absolutely! 
Wow!  We all had a smile on our face after that phone call.  Kent listened to the Holy Spirit as he placed these friends on his heart and we were able to meet a need we didn't even know about.  That made all the hard work even more worth it!  And that was our little Christmas cookie miracle.


  1. and i almost forgot to say that those cookies look wonderful. :-)

  2. That's an amazing story! I had my own "Christmas Cookie Miracle" today. There's no gas for the stove, and yesterday I was telling my friend how disappointed I was not to be able to make Christmas cookies this year. Usually there are a few types of stale cookies in the market, but that's it. When we went to the market today, there were all kinds of cookies all over the place! I have chocolate chip cookies, chocolate cream, tins of cookies made in Denmark. I was quite happy, as now I will have a variety of cookies for our Christmas party, even though I didn't make them myself! I love the little ways God takes care of us.

    1. Ah, Anna, I am so glad for your Christmas Cookie Miracle too. You are right God does take care of us in so many little ways!

    2. Oh yeah and whenever I hear these stories of how you guys survive without gas for your stoves, I am amazed. Thank you for being willing to serve God where you do with the little convience that you have! You are amazing!


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