Saturday, December 1, 2012

Table Licking Good

On Tuesday I drove up to Greensboro to have a cookie making day with my friend Karen and her family.  The kids were super excited and anxious to help in any way they could.

We partook of some of the deliciousness and then we headed out for a "sleigh ride" also known as a ride around the neighbourhood to see the Christmas lights.  A blanket to be bundled in was a requirement.
But my favorite quote of the day came from the two year old pictured below.
"Look, Auntie Beth!" she declared in the middle of the cookie making process, "I'm licking the table."
You have it on good authority - this day was table licking good! :)


  1. big smile! what a fun day and those cookies look like they are to die for!

    1. Karen had made sugar cookie dough and the kids lost interest in cutting out shapes so we took the dough rolled it in sugar and made these other ones. I do have to say that they were a lot tastier than I expected, not being a big fan of sugar cookies. I think it was the kiss on top that took them over the top! :)

  2. What fun!! So glad that you were able to 'partake'...great pics :)


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