Saturday, August 17, 2013

Registering - The Nigerien Way

Just imagine you are planning to get married in the U.S. or Canada.  One of the tasks on the top of your list of things to do would be registering for pots, pans, plates and silverware, linens and various other household items.  Registering for items such as these is definitely not an idea I would have associated with Niger.  So I was surprised last Sunday at lunch time when I learned that such a concept actually exists at one of the shops where many people go to buy African fabric.  You see, when a Nigerien gets married, close friends of the bride or groom will all buy a fabric chosen by the engaged couple and have an outfit made out of it.   So in the local fabric shop the chosen fabric is displayed along with the couple's name, the date and the occasion.  That way you will be sure to buy the right pagne (fabric) for the big day! (For more on a Nigerien wedding go here.)

A couple of other interesting finds in the fabric shop included the presence of the very trendy banners

and the perfect fabric for "Talk like a Pirate Day" which is just around the corner on September 19th.


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  1. I recognize some of those patterns. We have the same custom with weddings or other special events. It's always fun to see. :)


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