Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Lord Helped Us

At the beginning of July on a walk around the Sahel Academy campus you would have been confronted by a whole lot of dirt and views such as these....

Tomorrow these halls, buildings and grounds will be filled with students and their families anticipating the start of a new year.  When they look around they will see...


What can we say? 
The Lord helped us.

If you have prayed,
 if you have given,
if you have put your hand to
the hammer,
the rag,
the wheelbarrow,
the pressure washer,
the dolly,
the paintbrush,
the scissors,
the paper
or any other tool on our behalf...
We say, "Thank You!"
Through you...
the Lord helped us.
The work is not finished but tomorrow we'll stop to celebrate the start of a new school year -
one that begins on our very own campus.
The Lord helped us.
(1 Samuel 7:12)


  1. Everyone must be so excited!! Amazing how things change in a year. Have a wonderful year!!!

  2. God is indeed good. So good for those of us here in North America to see the photos and rejoice with you as we have prayed and wondered how progress has gone, was going. May God use the whole experience for His glory and may this be a very blessed school year for everyone.

    1. Thank you for your prayers on our behalf. They are still very much need as the work continues!

  3. Wow, what an amazing project. I hope they had a wonderful first day of school!


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