Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Seeing the Sights - Day 5

We spent this day driving along the coast. We drove into one of the largest harbours for lobster boats but it stunk pretty badly so we weren't at all sad to leave town! :) (Speaking for myself mostly!) Then we headed to North Cape where there is a wind farm and a museum about them. These turbines are incredible. They don't look that big from far away but they are huge! These are just the propellers. We spent some time walking along the coastline looking at the red cliffs.


  1. Beth, I love the pictures of your trip - I'd love to visit P.E.I.! Hey, are the little cottages you stay in fairly expensive? My husband and I were wondering!!!! Hope you enjoy the rest of your journey!

  2. Early June is a good time to go for a bit better rate on the cottages. It was about $100 a night with all taxes included...I think if you go and stay for an entire week you can save some too...There are tons of little cottages like this on the island. If you google Prince Edward Island, you'll bring up the official site where you can get lots of info about accomodations, visit websites etc. The weather was definitely on the cooler side though! :)


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