Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sights Along the Way - Day 3

We left Hopewell Rocks and traveled on to Moncton, New Brunswick where we visited Magnetic Hill. I didn't take any pictures of our little drive on Magnetic Hill but if you ever get the chance it's great fun to experience.

Then it was on to Prince Edward Island where we got to cross the Confederation Bridge. It's the world's longest bridge at 12.5 km in length. Before we crossed we stopped to take pictures. Here on the island there a lot of little cottages with bedrooms, living room and dining room/kitchen areas. These are really nice for a longer stay since you can cook your own meals if you so desire, do laundry and generally spread out and relax a little bit more. We are staying at the Swept Away Cottages. Although we aren't right on the ocean, we can see it. Here was the view out our window the first night.

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